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If you're new to working with silver clay, we recommend you sign up for 'Get started with Silver Clay...in 6 easy steps'.  It's free, absolutely no strings attached, so a great way to find out more to see if silver clay is for you.  We also recommend this course if you've been working with silver clay for a while too - you've really nothing to lose by completing it, and in our experience there's always something new to learn.

After that, the choice is yours.  We offer free courses here to get you started (and keep you going!), and after that you can follow a structured approach by following either of our manufacturer supported certification paths.  Alternatively you can follow a less structured approach with our individual project courses.  

There's no right or wrong way to build your silver clay skills - it's whatever works best for you.  So go ahead and mix and match to create your ideal learning programme as you can do any of our courses in whatever order you wish.

Each course has a programme of work, accompanied by a series of video's and downloads, which are accessed here in Thinkific, our learning management system.  It helps you work through the course, step-by-step, download notes, and repeat lessons if needed.  You don’t have to be here at a specific time, you just pop in and out when YOU can.  So you go at your own pace.  And all our courses come with a lifetime access guarantee, so do the course as many times as you like and benefit from updates as they are published - all for one enrolment fee.  

We also have a Facebook page for general information and sharing - click here to follow us.  In addition, some courses have a dedicated Facebook group for additional support, which you'll be invited to join when you enrol on the course.  Here you can ask the tutor specific questions, connect with a community of people doing the same work as you and build friendships.  We do live demonstrations here too, great for any tricky areas where you need some additional support, and they are always available in the group so that you can look at them again and again, at any time.

Finally, for some courses we hold regular clinics and informal meetings via Zoom.  These help us all keep in touch and enable you to ask questions and share experiences.  Whilst these sessions are held at a specified time and we recommend students join in person, we understand this isn't always possible so they are recorded and the video loaded into the Facebook group so that you can view it there if you miss it.

Who are my tutors?

Julie Holt & Helen Drye

Julie & Helen are experienced Silver Clay artists and Senior Instructors, who between them have been specialising in PMC (Precious Metal Clay) for over 25 years.  As a result, there's not much they don't know about this amazing product!

Together they run The PMC Studio, which is the official PMC training partner for UK & Europe, working closely with the manufacturers of PMC, Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation.  They  also run their own jewellery businesses where they make and sell their own jewellery, and offer studio training.  In 2020 they launched 'Learn Silver Clay Online' - the online silver clay academy of The PMC Studio 

Julie Holt


My jewellery making journey started in 2002 when I bought my first kit. I can’t claim that the end results were great, however I was very proud of what I had made and was hooked! Whilst still working in the corporate world, each year I would focus on learning a new area of jewellery making, be it traditional goldsmithing, wire weaving, chain maille, beading - and of course, silver clay! And during that time I attended courses, completed self-paced learning and did lots of practise, practise, practise to develop my skills. During this time jewellery making became my dream job and in 2009 I left my IT career, opened my first studio and took the plunge into full-time jewellery making & teaching. My favourite Silver Clay technique is dry construction - I’ve been hooked on making lentil beads since I made my first one back in 2005 during my PMC Studio Certification course. I can’t explain why, I’ve just always loved them - they're very satisfying to make.

Helen Drye


My jewellery making journey started with traditional silversmithing techniques before I moved into with silver clay. One day I saw someone with a beautiful silver pendant and was desperate to find out how she made it. That’s when I found out about silver clay! It was an amazing product with a whole range of creative possibilities. I loved it! I did a starter course and bought a kit. After experimenting for a while, I started my own silver keepsake business in 2012. I learnt to refine and polish my pieces of jewellery to a high shine finish and went on to develop my own designs. Since then I became a Senior PMC Instructor and love teaching silver clay. My favourite silver clay technique is working with PMC Flex, and creating strips of ‘paper’ with them to create quills. Just breathe on the silver clay Flex strips and they’ll be flexible enough to bend!

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About Us

Founded in 2003, The PMC Studio is built on a rich heritage of Precious Metal Clay expertise.

We're experts in the PMC product family and are immensely proud to be the official education partner for UK & Europe, working closely with the manufacturer of PMC, Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation. Our focus is on supporting our students along every step of their silver clay journey, and we do this via our silver clay and complimentary jewellery making courses, and course-related supplies.

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