We're Helen & Julie. Qualified Principal PMC instructors with bucket loads of experience, and long-term PMC addicts who are still as excited and enthusiastic about working with silver clay as we were when we opened our first packet! We run The PMC Studio, which has been specialising in PMC since 2003, and as the official training partner for UK & Europe, we work closely with the manufacturers of PMC, Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation. Like you, we love silver clay! The possibilities are exciting and endless, and nothing beats the thrill of looking at your finished piece and thinking 'I made that!'

We know...

Working with silver clay can be totally amazing. We also know that it can be confusing, frustrating, exasperating...and everything in between! It really shouldn't be so hard, yet without the right tuition and support it can be, and the price of silver clay means you really don't want to be messing things up...but it can be difficult to build the right skills, and know what to do when things don't go as planned. We hear you! And that's exactly why we developed Learn Silver Clay Online Membership. Whatever your level of experience now, we support you, helping you progress your skills in manageable chunks, whilst ensuring you really understand what's going on. This means you can take what you have learnt and successfully apply it in lots of different ways. And by packaging it all into a membership we're able to keep it affordable - after all you'd rather be spending your hard-earned cash on clay and tools, right?

So if...

  • You want to get into silver clay but don't know where to start

  • You want to do more with silver clay but don't have the confidence

  • You love the idea of making pieces for friends and would like to even dip your toes into selling, but don't think you're experienced enough

  • You want to progress your skills to a more advanced level, step-by-step and with expert support when you need it

  • You enjoy learning new things and love a challenge

  • You struggle for ideas and want to be inspired

  • You find the free information available online incomplete, prescriptive and often conflicting

  • You want to have fun while learning, and do it whenever you want

Join us!

Learn Silver Clay Online Membership has been developed just for you...

What does membership include?

In addition to all the binge-worthy content that's waiting for you right now, we release 28 projects a year, all designed to help you get making, practise and progress your skills!

plus there's a resource vault jam packed with everything you need to help you make them...and much, much more!

The launch content alone is worth more than £1000 if purchased separately

...plus each quarter we release new content worth nearly £400

which is why we also host regular Zoom-a-long classes, playdates and troubleshooting clinics!

Member Discounts

As a member you also get 15% off the PMC Certification Fast-track Programme, worth £150!

and 15% off all PMC Studio Master Classes as they are released

Plus specially negotiated supplier discounts on tools and clay!

So...in summary, your membership includes...

  • Lots of exciting things to make

    32 new projects each year, all designed to help you develop, practise and progress your silver clay skills, whatever your level of experience. Plus generous member discounts on complimentary courses.

  • Everything you need to succeed

    Access to technique video's, downloadable templates and reference sheets, ideas to help with your own designs, lots of tips to make life easier, and supplier discounts. Essentially all you need, in one place.

  • Support & encouragement as you go

    A safe environment to ask questions, learn from others and make friends. And real-time sessions where you can chat to your instructors, bounce ideas off others and most importantly - have fun!

Ready to join us?

Our easy subscription plans let you pay once a year or in 12 equal monthly payments, and you can cancel your subscription at anytime, notice and hassle free


  • Can I get stuck in straight away?

    Absolutely, yes! Access to the membership content is available immediately

  • Do I have to use PMC to do the projects?

    Definitely not! We work with PMC as that's our preferred brand, but metal clay techniques are the same across across across all brands and types, so there's nothing stopping you from using other metal clays. Just be sure to use manufacturer recommended firing schedules, and if you are concerned a particular design might not work, ask us

  • Are the projects video's or just notes?

    We use a combination of methods to deliver membership content, based on what is best suited to what we're doing. So you'll find video's and step-by-step tutorials, along with notes you can download for studio reference

  • What if I get stuck with something and need help??

    Your first port of call is the Membership Facebook page, your instructors are on here all the time and we're usually pretty quick at responding to you. You can also ask questions during one of our live sessions if you can wait until then, and if things get desperate, send us a message

  • Do I have to attend the live sessions?

    Only if you want to! They can be a bit of a marmite thing, with members loving and hating them in equal measure! So use them as you wish, and we always record them so that you can watch another time if that suits you better.

  • Do you offer a trial period?

    Not as such, however if you're not sure enroll as a monthly member. Then, if you find it's not for you for any reason, cancel your membership before the next payment is due.

  • What's a 'Quick Make' tutorial?

    These are mojo-busting tutorials that are quick, easy and fun to make. Simple, yet effective designs that show you can successfully create something amazing in silver clay, without it having to be complex or difficult. Perfect for when you want inspiration for a gift or something to wear, have a spare couple of hours and fancy making something you’ll actually finish, or want to practise your skills.

  • What's a 'Bossing It' project?

    These are designs based on the techniques taught during PMC Fast-track Certification programme, and other industry certification programmes. We like to think of them as a design ‘recipes’…there to help you practise what you have previously learned and inspire you to make something yummy!

  • What's a 'Skill Builder' Course?

    These are courses based around a theme or technique area and are made up of 3 individual project tutorials that progress and build your skills and confidence, on a step-by-step basis. Use the project tutorials as you wish; you can do one at a time if you want to steadily progress your skills, or if you already have some experience, any order will do!

  • What's in the Technique Toolbox?

    This is where you will find all our technique tutorials - so all the skills you need to work with silver clay. It's in bite-sized chunks so you can dip in for a quick lesson when needed, or binge-watch on a rainy afternoon!

  • What's in the Know How section?

    Here you find all our factsheets and templates - basically lots of useful reference information that will help you successfully work with silver clay. Access them here, and/or download and laminate as a useful studio resource.

  • What's in the Hint's, Tips & Hacks section?

    Think of this area as your own personal tutor, offering all those little things that make life easier or get you out of a jam. To keep it current, we regularly ask what's paining you and trawl the forums, so we can help before you need it!

  • What's a Design Boost?

    Idea's and inspiration! All those little things that help you bring your designs to life. So if you're stuck for an idea for a bail or texture, or fancy adding some embellishment but don't know what, take a look in here.

  • If I cancel, do I get a refund?

    When you take out your membership you get immediate access to the content, therefore we are unable to offer a refund should you cancel. Instead your membership access will continue as normal to when the next payment is due, after which you will no longer be able to access it.

  • Do I get lifetime access to the membership courses?

    Our lifetime access guarantee applies to courses you specifically purchase outside of your membership only, so as long as you are a member you can access the membership courses.

  • If I let my membership lapse and then want to re-join, what will I pay?

    Our price-lock guarantee means the membership fee you joined at is what you will pay for as long as you are a fully subscribed PMC Studio Member. If you cancel or let your membership lapse and then wish to re-join, it will be at the membership fee applicable at that time, which will again be locked in for the duration of your membership.

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